Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two years?????

Has it really been two freakin' years? Wow, time flies and all that crap.

Things have changed. I work now. I can move now. The mini van is no more. We have another dog. El Jefe is ADD/ADHD with dyslexia. I may be ADD myself. I was assimilated and joined Facebook. (I still shake my head about that one.) To be honest, I'm just happy my blog is still around. I like the couple of things I've written here. They make me feel like my higher education wasn't in vain.

Have you ever wanted to lolspeak or just plain ol' misspell things just to see it work? I thought about doing that but decided not to because there were far too many people out there screwing up American not on purpose. I know better therefore I shouldn't. Yeesh, I hate being responsible.

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