Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ooo, look! A new post!

When I started this blog I was newly widowed, had just purchased my first home and totally did not know what to do with life.

Fast forward 5 years.  I still have just one kid.  He is amazing.  Most days my heart breaks over how much I love him and how much I can't shield him from the world.  I hate that.  That's life.

I finally have a dog pack, Rupert, Gilbert and Oscar.  Lock, stock and three dog dishes, they weigh 41 pounds total.  Somehow, I thought my dog pack would weigh more.  They are terribly efficient at alerting me to squirrels breaking wind in the backyard.

I have two horses.  Yeah, two.  I adopted a four year old, unbroken Clydesdale/Thoroughbred nurse mare foal about a year ago.  Hugo is...well, Hugo.  He's a hit everywhere he goes.  Kids LOVE him.  Women think he is the bee's knees.  Men find him a kindred spirit.  In the last year, I've been bitten (totally my fault), stepped on, pushed over, fell face down into the muck get the picture,  I'll let you in on a secret, despite all that, he makes me insanely happy.  I adore the big lug.  I needed an hobby and I got one.  One year later, I'm getting back from the trainer this weekend.  Now I have to learn to ride all over again.

Jimmy is the other, pony but only just.  Parentage is uncertain, could be POA, could be AQH.  He is 13.2hh, bay with a blaze, white rump spots and two white corona bands.  Technically, this is Jeff's horse.  Guess who feeds him?  The little bastard (Jimmy, not Jeff) has been ours for approximately 4 months now.


Did I say the equines make me insanely happy?  Yeah, emphasis on the insane part.  All my animals make me happy.  I like them more than I like most humans.  Jeff is my crowning glory.  He is such a great kid.  I lucked out.

This last year has me in better physical shape than I've been in since I left New Orleans.  I'll let you know how the riding goes.

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